Polyphony in a European Perspective

Jean de Castro: Polyphony in a European Perspective | Capilla Flamenca / More Maiorum / Piffaro / Trigon-Project / Wim Diepenhorst – Bart Demuyt

This is the definitive recording, in some sense, of music by Jean de Castro (c.1540-c.1600), released in conjunction with a ground-breaking complete edition of his work. Part of the idea is to provide perspective on his work by including related music from other sources. Unattributed items are by de Castro.

Castro was of the last generation of great Renaissance polyphonists, and has a career outline closely resembling Lassus’. He was probably the second most prominent polyphonist from the Low Countries, former headquarters of European polyphonic development, after Lassus. Later, political problems forced him to leave and take up posts in France and then Germany.

Among his large and varied output, his most stimulating work includes 3-part arrangements of works for larger forces by other composers of the era.

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